Report Finds Improved Air Quality across Texas

Inspired by family members in the oil and gas industry, Larry M. Koonce founded the North American Drilling Corporation in Plano, Texas in 2006 and has since served as its CEO and president. Larry Koonce is also a member of the North Texas Oil and Gas Association, a group that united with the West Central Texas Oil and Gas Association to become the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers.

In a recent press release, the Alliance announced that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) found that the air quality in Texas has been steadily improving. The TCEQ reported that in 2014, ozone levels across much of the state were among the lowest ever recorded due to a variety of strategic emission-reduction efforts.

The TCEQ noted that eight-hour ozone levels around Houston have been reduced by 29 percent since 2000, despite a 34 percent growth in population during the same time period. The report also found emissions improvements in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, the Tyler-Longview-Marshall and Corpus Christi areas, and the Beaumont-Port Arthur and Austin-Round Rock areas. In fact, according the TCEQ, nine of the 13 areas monitored for the past 15 years generated their lowest ozone values in 2014.


TXOGA Offers Many Benefits to Members

Founder and president of North American Drilling Company Larry M. Koonce has legacy of ties to the energy industry. His grandfather worked as a driller, and his uncle was a geologist for Sunoco. Larry Koonce retains a broad network of contacts within the energy industry and is a member of the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA).

With approximately 5,000 members throughout the state, TXOGA is the largest group representing petroleum interests in the state. TXOGA offers several membership levels. A basic membership is ideal for a single individual. In addition, TXOGA has two business membership categories. The first, Sustaining Company/Corporate Membership, is based on company size. The second category, Formula Company Support, is connected to operational volumes.

Through TXOGA membership, individuals and businesses gain access to valuable contacts and up-to-date advisories and bulletins to keep them informed about the latest industry happenings. Members also gain discounts to attend TXOGA-sponsored events. In addition, members have opportunities to work on committees that shape the future of the energy industry in Texas.

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Campaigns for Tax Provisions

A Texas native with roots in the oil and gas industry, Larry M. Koonce serves as the founder, president, and CEO of the North American Drilling Corporation in Plano, Texas. Larry Koonce also stays involved in his industry as a member of the North Texas Oil and Gas Association, which merged with the West Central Texas Oil and Gas Association to form the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers.

Responsible for a number of advocacy projects and programs, the Alliance most recently announced that it launched a letter-writing initiative led by members of Congress in response to dialogue on tax reform. The Alliance’s campaign advocates for retaining percentage depletion, exclusion from the passive-loss condition, and expensing of intangible drilling costs (IDCs). In support of the nation’s energy producers, 17 members of Congress have already signed the letter. The campaign is being led by U.S. representatives Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Laredo, and Lamar Smith, a Republican from San Antonia.

The Alliance has been working to retain important tax provisions for energy producers since 2009, when the administration’s budget proposals started seeking to repeal them.