Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Offers Student Memberships

A member of the North Texas Oil and Gas Association, North American Drilling Corporation founder Larry M. Koonce has been around the oil and gas industry for many years. Larry Koonce’s uncle was a Sunoco geologist, and his grandfather was an oil well driller.

Formed in 1930 to represent the interests of independent Texas energy producers, the North Texas Oil and Gas Association is part of the larger Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. Recently, the organization began to offer memberships to students across the state. The organization believes that getting young people involved with the details of oil and gas production in Texas will ultimately strengthen the entire energy industry statewide.

Being a student member of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers has a number of benefits. Students get the chance to network with established oil-and-gas-industry professionals and develop contacts that may help them one day land a job. Student members receive the alliance’s news magazine and bulletins, which can help them stay current on industry developments. Additionally, student members can get involved with the organization at a level they feel comfortable with, whether it’s just attending an occasional meeting or organizing entire events themselves.


North American Drilling Corporation – Process and Investor Relations

Larry M. Koonce, a West Texas native with a family history in oil, is founder and chief executive officer, director, and president for North American Drilling Corporation (NADC). Under Larry Koonce’s lead, the company has successfully drilled 50 wells since 2006, with plans for continued growth into the future.

NADC is an independent supplier of oil, recognized and licensed by the State of Texas Railroad Commission. NADC operates in every capacity needed for the locating and selling of crude oil and oil products. This begins with locating viable locations for drilling, obtaining funding, drilling and maintaining wells, and selling the product.

NADC accepts private investors for funding of digs, offering monthly revenue checks as return on investment. Investors receive updates about progress from inception to completion of a project. These updates may include geology results for oil finds, drilling reports, test reports, and expense reports. NADC currently operates a number of drilling sites in Texas.

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Hosts Annual Meeting and Expo

As founder, director, and president of the North American Drilling Corporation since its inception, Texas-based Larry M. Koonce identifies and acquires investment offerings in the gas and oil sector. In addition, his membership with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers allows him to stay compliant and up-to-date on changes made within the industry.

Formerly two separate entities called the North Texas Oil and Gas Association and the West Central Texas Oil and Gas Association, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers formed due to low crude oil prices in the 1990s. This forced many independent producers out of business and led to the merger of the two associations, which occurred in the early 2000s.

To help its members network and learn more about the industry, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers hosts an annual meeting and expo. The 2016 event, scheduled for April 19–20 in Wichita Falls, Texas, features more than 350 exhibitor booths, as well as technical seminars, industry speakers, and networking opportunities. Extracurricular activities include golf and a barbecue.

The Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association Wildcatters Club

Plano, Texas, resident Larry M. Koonce has led operations at North American Drilling Corporation for nearly a decade. To remain current in his field, Larry Koonce maintains membership with the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (OIPA) Wildcatters Club.

For over 35 years, the Wildcatters Club has brought together leaders and innovators in the oil and mining industries. OIPA first organized the club to acquire additional support to confront the ongoing legal and political obstacles that posed challenges to sector businesses. Each year, Wildcatters members contribute money to OIPA through their membership with the club, providing assistance to the association’s OKIEpac political group.

The Wildcatters Club offers several member levels in various cost brackets. The most basic membership, entitled Prospector, costs $250 a year, allowing more OPIA participants to take part in the club. Prospector members receive invitations to all club events, an email subscription, and recognition in all published material. For $5,000 a year, OIPA members can join the Wildcatters Club at the Inner Circle level. These affiliates actively participate in legislative and advisory board meetings and receive an invitation to the Inner Circle’s annual retreat.

About the North American Drilling Corporation’s Operations Process

An experienced professional in the oil and gas industry, Larry Koonce earned a bachelor of business administration from Texas Tech University. In 2006, Larry M. Koonce founded North American Drilling Corporation (NADC), where he presently serves as president and chief executive officer.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, NADC is a full-process, independent oil and natural gas producer with several active wells throughout the state. Not only does NADC explore for new crude oil and natural gas drilling opportunities, but the corporation also reworks existing wells for new production.

NADC professionals carry out a number of functions, from using seismic technology to find potential drilling locations to managing the site’s day-to-day operations, to minimize risk and increase each site’s daily production rates. Licensed by the State of Texas Railroad Commission, NADC offers investors monthly revenue checks with detailed information, including permit copies, in-depth drilling reports, and monthly newsletters on its current areas of operation.

Texas Tech Sets $50,000 Fundraising Goal for St. Jude’s

Influenced by his uncle and grandfather, both of whom worked in the oil and gas industry, Larry Koonce founded the North American Drilling Corporation, where he has drilled over 50 wells since 2006. A Texas Tech alumna, Larry M. Koonce received a bachelor of arts with a double major in business administration/management and marketing.

Since joining a nationwide campaign to support St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital three years ago, Texas Tech University is proud to announce that as of the June 30 deadline for the St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn Executive Board Fundraising Challenge, the school ranked as the second-highest college fundraiser, behind the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

However, the national rankings represent only a small part of Texas Tech’s efforts to support St. Jude’s, and fundraising for the hospital and its patients will continue through October 30, concluding just before Texas Tech’s Up ‘til Dawn festival on Friday, November 6. Last year’s event successfully reached its fundraising goal of $30,000, and this year, Texas Tech students, friends, and family members are encouraged to form teams of six and help raise $50,000 in support of St. Jude’s lifesaving research and treatments.

How do 3D Seismic Surveys Work?

Larry M. Koonce is the president and chief executive officer of the North American Drilling Corporation, a leading oil and gas production company based in Plano, Texas. As the organizational leader of North American Drilling, Larry Koonce manages the company’s oil and gas exploration activities. To find the most promising prospects, North American Drilling draws upon technologies such as 3D seismic surveys.

Like 2D seismic imaging, 3D seismic surveys involve the creation of a shock wave in a target area and subsequent analysis of the geological data it provides. Unlike 2D surveys, which create a shock wave along a predetermined line, 3D surveys use a system of source points and receiver points positioned perpendicular to one another in a grid system. The shock wave originates from source points, reflects off of subsurface features, and is ultimately collected at the receiver points in a target area. The data obtained from the shock wave enters a series of computerized processes which aggregate the data and create a detailed topographical image. Geologists and geophysicists can then interpret these images and determine whether or not the area is likely to contain oil and gas reserves.

Projects of the North American Drilling Corporation

A member of the North Texas Oil and Gas Association, Larry M. Koonce has extensive experience in well evaluations, investor relations, field operation management, drilling supervision, and related areas. Larry Koonce currently serves as the president and CEO of the North American Drilling Corporation, headquartered in Plano, Texas.

Through its website, the North American Drilling Corporation presents details about past projects in acquisition, drilling, and production of oil wells across Texas. Under a license from the State of Texas Railroad Commission, the corporation produces oil and gas, as well as providing services in that field for its clients.

All of the projects showcased on the website finished the funding process several years ago and have entered the drilling stage. This includes the Williams #1 Well in southwestern Texas. The well reached a depth of 10,750 feet to bring up natural gas. The Firecat Well #1 in Grimes County consisted of two prospect wells reaching 5,200 feet. In Val Verde County, the Willo Well #1 became the first in the air-drilling program.

For more information about these wells and the corporation, visit http://www.northamericandrillingcorp.com. The guestbook contains additional details.

NADC Drilling Prospects

An accomplished oil and gas executive with considerable experience in the state of Texas, Larry M. Koonce serves as the president and chief executive officer of the North American Drilling Corporation (NADC) in Plano. Larry Koonce oversees all business operations at NADC and plays an integral role in the company’s prospective drilling operations.

To identify prospective drilling areas, NADC relies on some of the most advanced technologies in the oil and gas sector, including 2D and 3D seismic technology, advanced well control, and isopach and structure mapping. NADC regularly works with major oil and gas corporations such as Halliburton and Nabors Drilling, which help the company identify production areas and establish top-quality wells. After identifying a prospective area, the company secures mineral leases and handles all aspects of well construction and maintenance. So far in 2015, the company has concentrated its efforts primarily on Texas-based oil wells between 5,100 and 10,000 feet in depth.

North American Drilling encourages interested individuals to become familiar with what it has to offer. To learn more, visit the official website at northamericandrillingcorp.com.

Natural Gas Production in Texas

A member of the North Texas Oil & Gas Association, Larry M. Koonce founded the North American Drilling Corporation in 2006. As president and CEO, Larry Koonce leads natural gas drilling initiatives throughout the state of Texas.

Holding nearly a quarter of the nation’s natural gas reserves, Texas generates $159.3 billion in gross state product each year and is home to the largest onshore natural gas field. Comprised primarily of methane, natural gas does not create smog when it comes in contact with sunlight, making it an environmentally friendly choice of fuel. It is used for heating and electricity as well as a component of various products, ranging from plastics to fertilizers.

While production plants in Texas decreased between 2004 and 2009, the capacity per plant increased. Today, the state has 163 natural gas production plants that produce 19.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas daily. The number of production wells is also the most in the state’s history.