Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Offers Student Memberships

A member of the North Texas Oil and Gas Association, North American Drilling Corporation founder Larry M. Koonce has been around the oil and gas industry for many years. Larry Koonce’s uncle was a Sunoco geologist, and his grandfather was an oil well driller.

Formed in 1930 to represent the interests of independent Texas energy producers, the North Texas Oil and Gas Association is part of the larger Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. Recently, the organization began to offer memberships to students across the state. The organization believes that getting young people involved with the details of oil and gas production in Texas will ultimately strengthen the entire energy industry statewide.

Being a student member of the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers has a number of benefits. Students get the chance to network with established oil-and-gas-industry professionals and develop contacts that may help them one day land a job. Student members receive the alliance’s news magazine and bulletins, which can help them stay current on industry developments. Additionally, student members can get involved with the organization at a level they feel comfortable with, whether it’s just attending an occasional meeting or organizing entire events themselves.


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