North American Drilling Corporation – Process and Investor Relations

Larry M. Koonce, a West Texas native with a family history in oil, is founder and chief executive officer, director, and president for North American Drilling Corporation (NADC). Under Larry Koonce’s lead, the company has successfully drilled 50 wells since 2006, with plans for continued growth into the future.

NADC is an independent supplier of oil, recognized and licensed by the State of Texas Railroad Commission. NADC operates in every capacity needed for the locating and selling of crude oil and oil products. This begins with locating viable locations for drilling, obtaining funding, drilling and maintaining wells, and selling the product.

NADC accepts private investors for funding of digs, offering monthly revenue checks as return on investment. Investors receive updates about progress from inception to completion of a project. These updates may include geology results for oil finds, drilling reports, test reports, and expense reports. NADC currently operates a number of drilling sites in Texas.


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